• a gray boat in the water.
  • a helicopter is flying over a ship in the water.
  • a black helicopter on the deck of a ship.

The Baylander


Baylander started its service life in 1968 as harbor utility craft YFU-79 during the Vietnam War. It was one of 16 Skilak class lighters that were purchased by the US Navy and used to move men and material around the delta regions there. After the war, it was laid up until 1986 when it was converted into a helicopter landing trainer and renamed Baylander HLT after its home port in Pensacola Bay.

Over the next 25 years there were over 122,000 landings on board. It allowed members of all the services and allied nations the opportunity to become aircraft carrier qualified in landing on a moving ship at sea. After the decision to go with computer based flight training, it was sold at auction and purchased by the Trenk Family Foundation in 2012. After mooring in several locations throughout the New York area, Baylander is currently docked on the Hudson at the 125th St. West Harlem Piers Park. Over the course of the next few years we were able to obtain many artifacts from the military that we use as furniture and decor. Our Bar and Kitchen were originally storage containers that were utilized to provide meals for the troops in Afghanistan. Please visit us on Instagram for any current updates Baylander IX - 514.